Wishing you and your Lingerie a long and happy life.

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Lingerie care tips from us to you. 
Searching high and low for lacy intimates, ones that fit well and make us feel like the young goddess’ we are, can be a tiresome journey. When you find the one, you don't want to let them go. 
So here are three easy tips for maintaining your Kat pieces. 
  1. Hand Wash. 
    ‘Why’ you ask? Though it can be time-consuming, hand washing is the most gentle and nonabrasive way to clean your delicates (especially your lace bras). Using a mild detergent and your bathroom sink, you will be on your way to ever-lasting lingerie. 

    Kat Tip* if you run out of a mild detergent try a gentle shampoo. 
  1. If you can’t hand wash….use Mesh Wash Bags. 
    These wonderful inventions might save you when you don't have the time to show your delicate pieces the TLC they deserve. Simply put all your lingerie (bras and panties) in the lingerie bag before throwing into the machine. 

    Kat Tip* The Mesh bag your Kat lingerie comes packaged in is perfect for this use! 
  1. Lay flat to dry. 
    STEP AWAY FROM THE DRYER. It is that simple, the difference between air drying and machine drying is the difference between lingerie that lasts and lingerie that begins to peel. The heat and the motion of your dryer will break down the fibers in your cotton and lace … leading them to break down much faster. 
Follow these steps and you will be on your way to a long and happy relationship with your Kat delicates. 
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